​Burning Crusade Classic: the level requirements for different zone

For players who have never entered the outer domain, the outer domain is a terrible place. Before you start entering the outer domain, you need to understand what level each new zone is suitable for. This issue of MMOTBC will summarize the simple classification of each available new zone in Burning Crusade and its recommended level range so that you know where and when to go.

WoW: Burning Crusade classic zone level

Leveling experience of Burning Crusade Classic will be very different from WoW Classic's zone levels. If you start from Hellfire Peninsula and want to upgrade quickly, then you can try to jump to different zones and try to complete tasks that are the same or lower than your level first. This will be beneficial to your level up.

It is worth noting that each zone in WoW Classic has limitations for you to upgrade. If you have reached level 62 in the Hellfire Peninsula, then you'd better leave the Hellfire Peninsula decisively and choose to jump to Zangarmarsh and explore there for a while, or even jump into the Terrokar Forest, which will help you improve your level.

Each zone in Burning Crusade will have an Alliance and a Horde village, where you can wander and receive missions. This means you can expect a lot of PVP battles on the PVP server. However, you can flexibly use all the resources around you to get additional rewards.

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