Can a mage wear a purple outfit that demands the blue outfit of his profession?

World of Warcraft nostalgia has entered the 70-level version-Burning Crusade Classic. After entering July, the vast majority of players have reached the full level and started the dungeon changeover.

Originally, the first stage of TBC was the transitional stage that Blizzard set aside for everyone to change and familiarize themselves with level 70 attributes. So there is no difficulty in this version. The problem that players discuss the most on the Internet is not how to play bosses, but the distribution of equipment.

The focus of the equipment issue is Wearing a purple outfit, are you eligible to demand the blue outfit of this class? Specifically, the wizard wore a purple belt of destruction and requested the blue belt of the Steamtail King.

A seemingly simple equipment problem has caused a big discussion in the World of Warcraft nostalgic circle: wearing a purple outfit is not eligible, or should you need a lower-level blue outfit?

For this mage, no matter how his purple outfit came from, he should get the right to his own needs if he contributes to the copy. What's more, the blue belt is still his professional equipment. Don't deprive others of the right to demand the needs of their profession and specialization just because they are wearing purple outfits!

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