​Here is Burning Crusade Classic classes tier list for PvE

Here is the TBC Classic class tier list for PvE Burning Crusade continues the journey of WoW Classic. Unlike the classics, many types of professions perform well in TBC raids. Players also want to know how their profession matches in TBC dungeons and raids, or Hope to choose a new profession for the expansion pack. Therefore, we created a clear TBC Classic class list for PvE, ranking each class according to their performance in the raid and their desirability.

Tier S



Restoring Shaman

Tier S classes are the best-The best performing class in the entire expansion pack and class.

Hunters, warlocks, and recovery shamans are among the best in TBC Classic. The beast controls the hunter, the destruction warlock provides the highest overall damage, and the restoration shaman provides the best treatment.

Tier A


Protection and Holy Paladin

Protection warrior

Holy and Shadow Priest

Boost and elemental shaman

Tier A has very powerful courses and specifications. These occupations alone are not as powerful as tier S classes occupations, but they still play an important role or provide necessary buffs or spells.

Mages are very powerful damage exporters. Although they are defeated by hunters and warlocks in pure damage, they do provide some necessary effects. This includes Arcane Intelligence, Transfiguration, and even Spell Steal, the core mechanism of Gruul's Lair Raid.

Protection Warrior and Paladin both play important tank roles. Warriors are single-target occupations, while Paladins are good at large-scale tank battles. Since they are filled in a limited number of positions, you only need to select one of them.

The priest provides extra stamina and spirit to allies and is an almighty utility. Shadow priests' spells can provide mana recovery for their team, while holy priests provide overall powerful healing and shielding.

Enhancements and elemental shamans are also very powerful due to their large amount of damage and useful gains. In general, because of totems, every Shaman specialization is very useful and can benefit almost every team member. If you choose a shaman, the group will like you and your totem.

Tier B

Feral (Bear) & Restoration Druid

Retribution Paladin

Arms Warrior

Balance Druid

Feral (Bear) and Resto Druids are top class B. Both provide powerful gains in Mark of the Wild. The wild bear is a tough tank and maybe the best choice for some battles where armor is the key. The multiple healing spells that restore the druids provide a very powerful team healing effect.

Balance Druid plays a very niche role. Their damage is not high, and the speed of mana depletion is very fast, but they do provide a huge 5% critical strike gain for the caster, which is their main advantage.

The Retribution Paladin is similar to the Shadow Priest. The damage is not great, but they can help the team restore mana when attacking.

Weapon fighters are another practical option. The Warriors won't cause a lot of damage, and the weapon expertise has a very useful talent called Blood Frenzy, which increases all the damage the target receives by 4%-a a considerable improvement for the entire team.

Tier C

Feral (Cat) Druid

Feral (Cat) Druid is a damage dealer, but he is not good at causing damage. Almost all other professions are better. However, you can still find a place in the group.

Cat Druids provide useful buffs, such as a 5% critical strike buff for melee classes, Mark of the Wild, and combat resurrection. More inclined to the niche side of TBC, but at least it is possible to become a powerful cat catching a giant monster.

Tier D


Fury Warrior

Rogue and Fury Warrior are both melee damage dealers, but they cannot provide any useful buffs. However, they are still useful because they do gain strength during the expansion process. Most notably, both can use Illidan's famous war blade, which is the most powerful weapon in the expansion.

Although it is difficult to find a team as thieves or fury fighters in the early days, their damage is indeed enough to play a role in the last few raids, such as the Dark Temple or the Sunwell Plateau.

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