​How about the Burning Crusade Brewfest event

Recently, the WoW Brewfest seasonal event has returned, which is also an event that impresses old players. When you log in on September 20th, you will find that this is an old version and not the original version. The 2007 Brewfest event is the only year you can get the Brewfest Ram, so many people are impressed.

Now, players can no longer unlock the yellow Brewfest Stein in 2007, nor can they unlock the Brewfest Rams. For tribe players, the NPC is not triggered, so it cannot be completed. Some people even think that this task is not working properly, and hope that Blizzard can solve it before the end of the wine festival on October 6.

During the WoW Brewfest event, players still have two mounts available: Swift Brewfest Ram and Great Brewfest Kodo. They are faster than ordinary Ram mounts, so players have other options during the event.