​How can I get more TBC Classic Gold in WoW Burning Crusade Classic?

Burning Crusade Classic has arrived. With the addition of flying mounts, if players want to fly to the sky in a short time, Then you need to make sure that you have enough TBC Classic Gold support to make it possible. In WOW TBC, there are many ways for you to make TBC Gold, and learning these techniques for breeding Classic TBC Gold is well worth your time to persevere.

MMOTBC provides you with a variety of gold breeding techniques, let us take a look.

1. Do daily tasks

Burning Crusade Classic introduces daily tasks, completing these tasks will get a varying amount of Gold, so you can decide which tasks to do first according to your situation. It is recommended that unlocking items of various factions will also bring a considerable amount of gold coins. Daily dungeon missions usually provide the most Gold, don't miss them.

2. Create a second character

It is very necessary to have another character . You can choose a profession different from the main character as a supplement. You can also put the second character next to the bank and the mailbox means you can easily send them the extra items of the main character. There is no auction house in Outland, so if you plan to sell something, the second character can help you create more wealth.

3. Sell Craft items

In addition to making consumables or items yourself, you can also get them to sell at auction houses, provided you know what crafts are most profitable for your server. If you want to make gold through craftsmanship, it is best to upgrade your career first. Currently, jewelry processing is a new feature of Burning Crusade Classic, but the upgrade cost is quite high. But the upgrade is worthwhile. TBC-specific items, such as Charm Cloth, are used in various crafting recipes and usually sell well.

4. Choose a gathering occupation

If you don't want to bother to make items for sale, then choosing two gathering classes is equally profitable. All collection professions are working well, TBC Classic introduces jewelry processing, so the demand for ore may be high. You can usually find the gold coins earned by buyers of low-level items at auction houses.

5. Learn to fish 

Fishing is not too surprising, but it can relax your whole person and take advantage of the beauty at this moment. Fishing is one of the secondary occupations, but it is quite profitable in the new Outland zones. In addition to the fish that can be used in various endgame cooking recipes, you also have the opportunity to catch "Mote of Water", then turn it into raw water and sell it at the auction house.

All of the above is how you can easily obtain TBC Classic Gold with only your time and energy in the game, but not everyone will guarantee enough time, so MMOTBC has also heard from the players an efficient and convenient way that is reliable If you don't have a better choice, come to mmotbc.com to Buy TBC Classic Gold now. We are open to global players and support 24/7 online services. No matter what, we will put the user experience first.