​How can I make pets look at me more

Recently, I found out that pets don't like to be close to me. This is a pet that I always care about. How can I change my mind?

I tried to feed it more, buy various equipment for it, upgrade its skills, and even use TBC Gold to dress it up, but it seems to ignore me! I don't know if anyone understands what I mean. In short, it's almost a week in September. Just care about me once.

I try to avoid the direction it hates and give up the skills it doesn't like. I just feed quietly without making any movements. The effect is still not ideal. What should I do if I encounter this situation?

This is a question from a fan. In this situation, MMOTBC can only say to accumulate more TBC Classic Gold. If you encounter powerful equipment, you can buy it to strengthen the character without hesitation, and stick to it for a while to see the effect.