​How do junior players in World of Warcraft grow?

As a novice, I am a junior player with a stubborn Bronze level of game skills. I always feel that the keyboard does not listen to my orders and let it go east, but it goes south. I don't know if anyone will have the same situation as me. The most annoying thing is that my operations are always slower than others, but I still like World of Warcraft.

This is the feeling of a junior player, and I believe that many players who are just getting started will also encounter various problems. If you have no experience in other games, it is easy to encounter the same low-level problems. Now everyone is rushing into the Burning Crusade, and the season is in full swing, which is painful for novices.

If you are playing this kind of multiplayer online role-playing game for the first time, it’s best to learn how to develop in the early stage. Picking up trash is always possible. Maybe you will pick up treasures. You can keep what you can use and sell what you can’t use. Switching to the most practical TBC Classic Gold, there is no safer strategy than this.

Do the simplest daily tasks. In short, you must learn to hide and protect yourself. After entering the faction, you must follow the big boss. If someone takes you, it is the best, and you will not be killed because of your immature technology. It may bring surprises when cleaning the battlefield. In short, the battle is not active, but you must be active when picking up the baby.

When your role becomes stronger, you will have more opportunities. Many powerful players do not rely on their skills to complete the battle. They will also quietly buy WOW Classic TBC Gold from MMOTBC. If there are WOW Items, they may buy them directly, so as a junior player, don't wait stupidly, you will find even greater surprises.