​How to obtain various mounts in the Burning Crusade

The Burning Crusade has many different mounts, and these mounts are very popular because of their respective advantages. Although some mounts are still sold in retail World of Warcraft, different mounts are obtained in different ways.

Flying mounts can only be used in Outland, and are necessary to reach certain places, such as Storm Fortress. There are two mounts with 310% flying speed, Al'ar's Ashes, or Void Drake Gladiator Mount, Swift Void Drake, Vengeance Void Drake, Relentless Void Drake.

Mount Training

The Burning Crusade brings one of the most popular features to World of Warcraft, the flying mount! Although we now take flying for granted, it is a big deal in TBC. To acquire flying mount skills, you must visit your trainer in Shadowmoon Valley or Hellfire Peninsula.

Race Mount

With the arrival of two new races, blood elves and draenei in "Burning Crusade", we have acquired common race mounts that every race will get, such as Kodo or horses. These mounts are available under level 40 and level 60 mount skills.

Businessman mount

These mounts may be one of the first flying mounts you will own. They are the easiest to obtain and can be purchased from flight trainers in Hellfire Peninsula or Shadowmoon Valley. To purchase this mount, please visit:

Alliance-Brunn Flamebeard (Shadowmoon Valley) or (NPC #35101) (Hellfire Peninsula)

Horde-Dama Wildmane (Shadowmoon Valley) or (NPC #35099) (Hellfire Peninsula)

PvP mount

There are several mounts from PvP in Burning Crusade. The following are from Honor and Halaa, the world's PVP region. Please note that there are also Void Drakes in the arena, but we have not yet confirmed whether they will be added, so I temporarily exclude them.

Dungeon Mount

The dungeon mount of the Burning Crusade is one of the most iconic dungeon mounts in the game. The Zuaman Bear was removed in Wrath of the Lich King, making it a very rare mount in retail. The Raven Lord mount is also very good because it has a very unique appearance.

Assault mount

One of the most famous mounts in the Burning Crusade-Ore's Ashes-dropped from an eye raid. Obtaining this mount will make you envy everyone on the server and fly at 310%.

There are more mounts waiting for you to discover. Obtaining the mount requires you to complete different tasks. If you want to complete the task quickly, you must borrow a lot of WOW TBC Classic Gold for help. To get wow tbc classic gold, please look for MMOTBC.com