​How to play Beast Mastery Hunters in WoW TBC Classic?

Beast Mastery Hunters are one of the most powerful classes in the TBC Classic. Their powerful spells perform well in Single Target and AoE battles, and their traps provide reliable practicality.

Although Beast Mastery Hunters is a complex profession, the complete rotation can be tied to a one-button macro. In addition, the focus of many BMs is to enhance the hunter's pet, which usually does a lot of work by itself.

Best Beast Mastery Hunters pets and pet skills

Choosing the right pet should be the priority for BM Hunters. Fortunately, there are two easily available options. They are Ravager or Cat. Which one you choose depends mainly on personal preference.

Whether you decide to tame Ravager or Cat, their statistics are the same at the highest level. But you need to make sure your pet has bites, claws, or blood, pet skills are very important.

In addition, you also need to choose evasion, cobra reflex and strong endurance talents from the pet talent tree to maximize damage and survivability.

For beast control hunters, the attribute priority list is as follows:

   Hit (up to 9% hit rate)


   Attack power

   Crit rate

The choice of additional features for BM Hunters is also very important. Gems, enchantments, and consumables are all vital to hunters. Using the right gems can greatly increase damage. No matter what, if you want to move forward smoothly in Burning Crusade Classic, you need a lot of TBC Classic Gold to enhance your character. Fortunately, MMOTBC offers a large number of TBC Classic Gold For Sale, if you are not ready, please come to mmotbc.com to choose to buy, we provide 24/7 service to players around the world.