​How to solve the imbalance between the Horde and Alliance?

Over the years, the never-ending war between the Alliance and the Horde remains the defining feature of World of Warcraft. But these two factions never interact except for fighting with each other. Although the two factions often joined forces in the overall story to fight against the common evil, players from the Horde and Alliance have never been able to team up for dungeons or raids.

In the Burning Crusade, the PvP style is quite different from Wow Classic. Especially in PvP arenas, teams of two to three players fight in small-scale quarrels. Small differences in skills and abilities can make huge differences. Suddenly, PvP in World of Warcraft changed from a large-scale outdoor war to a fierce, intimate duel. Competitive players, if they want to gain every advantage, most of them will choose the Horde to become World of Warcraft PvP.

Blizzard tested a similar system for the Burning Crusade Classic, in which tribal players can line up on the battlefield, and if no match is found, they will compete with another tribal group-only this time they will wear cardboard masks. The race was painted on them instead of being magically transformed into another race.

Although the test has ended, Blizzard has not yet said whether it will permanently add this feature to all servers, but many players are not satisfied with the idea of Mercenary Mode entering the classic, because it did not fix the fundamental problem. Of the top 25 posts on the WoW Classic subreddit last week, 13 posts complained about factional imbalance. Many players worry that this will further reduce the already small Alliance population on PvP servers.

Although making the battlefield faction agnostic will fix the queue time of the Horde, it does not solve why few players choose to play the Alliance. As more and more Alliance players are inevitably attracted by the Horde, this will bring a worse experience to the remaining players. For players who have entered the battlefield, buying WOW TBC Classic Gold on MMOTBC.com can help you get more powerful equipment, to better enjoy the thrill of the battlefield.