​How to use Alchemy in WOW TBC Classic

In The Burning Crusade, Alchemy requires the extraction of herbs and other ingredients to make potions, elixirs and more. If you have primitive gems that you want to transform for jewelry processing, you can also use this skill. They can also be used to transform elemental primitive creatures into other kinds of primitive creatures.

In this case, you will need to specialize in herbal medicine. The reason these work well together in Outland is that apart from transformation, you will need herbs to make everything. You have up to 25 main protection options available, depending on the Cauldrons themselves. If you want to figure out what a recipe is, you need to use a method called Discovery.

There is a new product of Alchemy called Cauldron in wow TBC. There are five different Alchemy pots, including Fire Protection Cauldrons, Big Frost Protection Cauldrons, Nature Protection Cauldrons, Great Shadow Protection Cauldrons and Big Arcane Protection Cauldrons. You need an Alchemy Lab to get the Alchemist's Stone.

In addition, The Burning Crusade also focuses more on using reputable suppliers to provide Alchemy formulas. You will find that there is no cauldron in the Kingdom of Shadows, nor most other expansions of the game. More importantly, there is no Alchemy laboratory needed in the Shadowlands.

As you can see, using Alchemy in World of Warcraft TBC is a good alternative to earn as much TBC Classic Gold as possible. With new and improved accessories to increase the appeal of Alchemy, it is worthwhile to spend some time researching it. Take advantage of all that Alchemy in WOW TBC has to offer.