​Weekly maintenance time for WOW Classic is extended

Regarding the issue of the weekly extended maintenance cycle of World of Warcraft Classic, many players should have noticed that the normal weekly maintenance time is longer than usual.

The maintenance of World of Warcraft usually only takes a few minutes, but Blizzard's customer support account posted on Twitter that World of Warcraft Classic will start at 9 am Central Time and will be extended to 1 pm Central Time.

Players will also receive a notification from Blizzard, telling players that the server will be back online before 10 am Central Time. The current maintenance has been extended to 11:00 AM (Pacific Daylight Time). We apologize for any interruption and hope to resume service as soon as possible.

Before the time approached 10 am Central Time, Blizzard changed the announcement, effectively extending today's maintenance. Long maintenance periods may mean that the game is about to undergo greater changes. However, depending on how this maintenance is extended, this may not be the case.

The Phase Two content for TBC Classic is in preparation, Blizzard is still continuing to conduct a large number of tests, players still need to wait for a while before they have the opportunity to step into the Serpent Temple cave or participate in the second season of the Arena.

Prior to this, players can enjoy the thrill of battle in the Burning Crusade, and at the same time can use their own conditions to accumulate more WOW TBC Classic Gold to prepare for the second stage. If you are still worried about TBC Classic Gold, you may wish to find ways to get more Gold outside the game. For example, buying it on MMOTBC is also a good choice.