​What are the balance of gems in the Path of Exile 3.20 add-on?

The development team at Grinding Gear Games has begun discussing balance changes for the upcoming action RPG Path of Exile, which will be part of the 3.20 expansion. In a new post, the team decided to share some tweaks to gems and improvements to disease protection.

The attribute lists for magic and rare gems will be expanded, and their values will become "more generous".

Common gems reduce the duration of more conditions or debuffs than 3.19.

Abyssal Jewels can now boast modifiers that allow them to avoid various situations.

Many unique gems will no longer drop. Some of these can only be obtained through corruption or other sources, such as merchant recipes.

With the release of DLC 3.20, new powerful unique gems will be added to the main drop list.

Unique gems will no longer be used to complete quests. Instead, players will be rewarded with random rare gems.

The developers made all of the above changes with the goal of making gems more valuable and more resistant to situations than they were in 3.19. They will also stop interfering with those who are not interested in them. Add-on 3.20, which includes these and other changes, is scheduled for release in December.

As a reminder, players can now participate in the Endless Descent event running through November 21st.

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