​What is a great model for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Temporal Themes?

The 9th generation of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, launched this month. Game Freak and the Pokemon Company have slowly released information on three main storylines in the open-world Paldea region, as well as a handful of trainers like Electric-type Gym Leader Iono and Pokemon like Ghost-type Greavard. For fans who avoid leaks, however, a lot is kept under wraps, and one of the most intriguing mysteries about Scarlet and Violet is the underlying theme of their past and future.

Genesect is a unique Iron/Bug-type Mythical Pokemon, the last entry in the Unova National Book. Its gimmick is a 300-million-year-old genetically modified Pokemon, now armed with powerful weapons. Pokemon Masters is introducing Sync Pairs to Hilda and Victini and Hilbert and Genesect for the Unova chapter of their Villain Arc story, with Colress and N providing insights into the Plasma team's experiments. The idea of advancing an ancient creature and all its effects may also play a role in Pokemon Crimson and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet look to the past and future

Much of the marketing for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet ahead of its November 18 release has focused on mechanics like Terastallization and auto-battles, as well as the aforementioned new characters. An unknown element is the region's apparent temporal theme, which became apparent in earlier revelations, such as the twin professors Sada and Touro. Professor Sada appears in the scarlet version, wearing costumes with prehistoric elements to match her name, a reference to the Spanish "pasado". Meanwhile, Professor Turo appears in the Violet version in a Tron-like bodysuit whose name appears to reference the Spanish word "futuro".

Box Art Legendary Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon also fit this pattern, though both are mechanically identical when traveling through Paldea. Koraidon is a scarlet lizard with frills reminiscent of Native American headdresses, and high-rise motorcycle handlebars. Meanwhile, Miraidon has a mechanical character and a digital aesthetic thanks to elements like pixelated eyes. Leaks point to version-exclusive "Paradox Pokemons," which are existing monsters from ancient or the future, with Koraidon and Miraidon appearing to be unique variants of Paldea's dragon/common-type Cyclizar.

What Genesect Can Say About the Paradoxical Pokemon of Scarlet and Violet

Paradox Pokemon has yet to be officially confirmed, unlike the "regional fake" monsters that passed through Wiglett, but it makes sense for the unannounced aspects of Scarlet and Violet's design to accommodate their apparent time theme. Genesect is an ancient monster equipped with techs like a cannon that gives it access to the type-altering Techno Blast, which looks similar to the supposed connection between Cyclizar and Miraidon - a future paradoxical Pokemon with numbers Features and mechanical parts such as jet legs.

The historical and future elements of the Unova region are intertwined through settlements like Opelucid City, which differ between the black and white versions. Among the region's mythical Pokemon, Genesect exemplifies the fusion of tradition and technology more than Victini and Meloetta. It also runs parallel to the first generation of the iconic legendary Pokemon Mewtwo, as both are genetic experiments trying to create an ultimate lifeform and weapon.

Pokemon based on their future incarnations may only involve type changes based on whatever environment they fit into, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are ready to play concepts that introduce improved Pokemon from the future that players can bond with and hopefully make their lives better.

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