​What is the best Hunter Pet for Raiding and Dungeons?

In WOW TBC Classic, Hunter is one of the best DPS professions and one of the most popular. Hunter pets are the most important help for players in the game, so you can choose a suitable pet according to your profession and goals. What kind of pet should the player choose when raiding or entering the dungeon?

Best Hunter pet for Raiding and Dungeons

At TBC Classic, we are familiar with three pet families: Cats, Ravagers, and Scorpids. The abilities of these three pets are different. You cannot have them at the same time, but these are some of the key abilities that everyone can use, and some active abilities are used alternately. So where can I buy these three cute pets?

Ravager is a new product of TBC, and you will want to know more about them.

Ravagers: You can find Quillfang Ravager in the Hellfire Peninsula in the camp at the beginning of TBC. Alliance players can go to Azuremyst Isle to receive Ravager Specimen or Death Ravager early, but before that, you need to make some serious upgrades to be able to pick them up easily.

Cat: It is the most common pet in Classic. It is aggressive and one of the most powerful pets in the game. Cats also have additional stealth functions. They are often one of the best-looking pets with a variety of options. You can go to Petoptia to find the one that suits you best.

Scorpids: The superimposed poison caused by Scorpid Poison is difficult for other pets to surpass. This also makes many players choose Scorpids as their pets. Scorpids tend to pay more attention to defense, strong resistance and higher endurance make them ideal solo pets. But there is not much choice.

In addition to the pets mentioned above, there are other types of pets that can help players level up. Each pet has its own advantages, no matter which pet the player chooses, the one that suits them is important. For more exciting content, please follow and bookmark our site: https://www.mmotbc.com/