​What is the starting evolution of Pokemon and Scarlet Violet?

Fuecoco was leaked along with Smoliv and its starter evolution. Smolleaf's hair is a straw-colored dress and olive. The evolved form of Smoliv is called Dolliv in the Spanish translation of Violet.

In a recently leaked image, the Fire-type introductory Pokémon, Fuecoco, appears to have undergone evolution for the first time. The first evolution of the Fuecoco looked to be a larger version of the original, adorned with a fiery sombrero.

The Paldea region that serves as the backdrop for Scarlet and Violet is a brand new Pokémon region inspired by real-life Spain and Portugal. Calor is the name of the evolved form of Fuecoco in the Spanish translation of Violet.

It should be noted that these Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks are from anonymous sources. These Pokemon or leaks have yet to be confirmed to be legit, although everything seems to be real, and there are a lot of them coming from a source or two right now. Therefore, unless more information is available, they should be considered leaks.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaked as fans got copies early. If you're excited about the November 18 launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, it's best to stay off the internet just yet. On social media and YouTube, brand-new screenshots and footage from the game are leaking, and fans are reportedly already grabbing early copies. Among the new screenshots released are previously unseen Pokemon, new regions and spoilers for the game's main story.

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