​When will WoW TBC Classic Arena season one end?

WOW TBC Classic phase 2 is coming soon, which also means that the first season of the PvP arena is coming to an end. What did you gain in the first season of the PvP arena? Are there any regrets?

From September 14th, Arena season two will not start until after a weekly reset. The Arena season one will end a week early. Fortunately, players can still use the remaining arena points until the start of season two.

When Arena season two begins, any arena points the player has will be converted into honor. In addition, for each arena points a player has, they will receive 10 honors. This may be the advantage occupied by Arena season one players.

WOW TBC Classic Arena season one will be reset every week according to your service area and will end on September 7. For European servers, this season will end on September 8th after weekly resets in the region. Players in different service areas should pay attention to this.

From the perspective of Blizzard's postponement of the release of Tier Five raids, Viper Temple and Storm Fortress morning behavior, it seems that there is a realization that needs to change the status quo. The beginning of the second season will be released at the same time as the second phase of TBC, which will include the two Tier Five raids.

After the first season of the arena, players will also usher in a week of offseason. The first season of Gladiator equipment will also be discounted to prepare for the new season. The new season has not yet started. Have you prepared TBC classic gold in advance to seize the opportunity?

World of Warcraft TBC Classic Phase Two is coming soon, are you ready? Whether it is the second season or the second stage of TBC, no one in World of Warcraft can be alone, either form a group or you have powerful skills.