​Why don't blood elves have the profession of the warrior?

WOW TBC Classic has been released for a long time. I believe everyone is happily upgrading, refreshing, and changing equipment. Blizzard’s initial intention in the P1 phase is to familiarize everyone with the overall changes and dress-ups of level 70 attributes.

In the first stage, players are not discussing how to open up wasteland, but about career choices. Frankly speaking, these problems have appeared in any version. Today, let’s talk about why the blood elves don’t have the class of warriors.

As we all know, Blizzard has added the blood elves to the level 70 TBC version. And this race affected the balance of the camp to a certain extent because of its good-looking characters.

But careful players should have discovered long ago that the blood elves have no warriors. Some players joked that if the blood elf has a warrior, give him an arcane torrent, and the blood elf warrior will be able to take off. But why doesn't the blood elves have the profession of warriors?

Blizzard officials give three explanations:

First, according to the story background of the World of Warcraft Chronicle officially released by Blizzard.

Since ancient times, the high elves have been a proud race that prides themselves on their powerful magical abilities, even if the blood elves are exiled to a bloodline. Haughty elves, at the 70th level, can't appreciate this kind of technique of fighting by limbs.

Under the leadership of Kael'thas Sunstrider, the blood elves absorb the abilities of various departments. Although they have created their magical talents, they have also weakened their physical and physical qualities. As a result, in the Warcraft plot, the blood elves are ridiculed as one of the weakest races in the tribe, and even the NPCs ridiculed them from time to time.

Second, Game settings

In the game, we can see that NPCs have blood elf warriors, but Blizzard has only six professional grids for each player race in the Burning Crusade. Therefore, in the TBC version, there are not enough professional grids left for blood elves, so the lack of fighters is the same as that of humans without hunters. In the subsequent version of CTM, after Blizzard added a professional grid to the player, the blood elves can choose fighters.

Third, players ridicule

This is the player's ridicule of the blood elves because the blood elves are too delicate and beautiful, not suitable for dancing with swords and guns. So the blood elves have no warriors.

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