​WoW Burning Crusade Classic Gold farming skills

Burning Crusade Classic is very popular in MMORPG, therefore, Farming WOW TBC Classic Gold has inevitably become the most discussed topic among players. So today MMOTBC will also talk about the topic of Burning Crusade Classic gold coin farming techniques.

As we all know, Burning Crusade Classic Gold is an indispensable currency for players throughout the game. You can use it to buy props, weapons, equipment, and even Level up. And as the game progresses, the demand will gradually increase. Therefore, the topic of how to efficiently grow WOW TBC Classic Gold is also very hot.

The following are several ways to obtain TBC Classic Gold summarized by MMOTBC:

1. Collect resources. Also known as picking up trash, trash is just a resource that has been misplaced. Collecting various resources can be sold at suppliers, and if they are rare resources, considerable benefits will be obtained.

2. Sell Craft items. Players can make their own crafts and sell them to earn TBC Gold, and you can also make specific or rare items for sale. It is worth noting that it takes a lot of time and energy for players to choose Crafting's career, but in the long run, the benefits will only get better and better, which is worth the investment.

3. Jewelcrafting. This is a new feature of Burning Crusade Classic. Players can make specific items such as magic cloth through tailoring, and make recipes for sale, and the income is quite good. Choosing a good career can increase your income in earning TBC Gold.

4. Learn to fish. Fishing is quite profitable, especially in the new Outland area. In addition to the fish that can be used in various endgame cooking recipes, you must also have the opportunity to catch "Mote of Water", then turn it into raw water and sell it on auction houses.

In addition, Burning Crusade Classic introduces daily tasks, players can sharpen reputation and unlock items in various factions, some tasks such as Shattrath will provide quite a lot of TBC Gold rewards, you should not miss it. If you still want to find a faster way to get rich, then come to MMOTBC to buy wow tbc classic gold with cheap price now.