​WoW Classic Burning Crusade Leveling Guide quickly

WoW Classic has its own characteristics and can always attract countless players. After the release of the Burning Crusade classic, not only a large number of old players poured in, but also new players. If they don't have the previous Burning Crusade experience If you want to quickly upgrade to level 70 is very difficult.

The guide provided by MMOTBC is more suitable for players from level 60 to level 70. We will provide a detailed route guide as much as possible. Before that, players should prepare enough WOW TBC Classic Gold and purchase TBC Gold from reliable websites such as MMOTBC to ensure the smooth completion of level up.

60-61The Blood Furnace

Players need to complete 12 clean runs in The Blood Furnace to receive honor from the Honor Hold and Thrallmar factions, up to level 61. From 61 to 63 we will meet trash mobs and boss respectively. Once we kill the last boss, we can quickly enter the beginning.

Return to Azeroth

Shatara does not have a professional trainer, so if you want to learn new skills, you must go to Azeroth. For this reason, we will walk along the road to Zangar Marsh and fly along the route of the area. For the Telredor Guard alliance and the tribe, we will have two flights, one in Swamp Rat Guard and Zabra'jin Guard. After arriving in Shatra, the player will choose to take the flight and the initial mission, choosing between Aldo or the astrologer.

The Slave Pens

We can choose either The Slave Pens or The Underbog, but the latter is more effective in terms of experience. If it becomes too repetitive, we can replace them from 62. In the slave enclosure, we will find 62-64 trash and 64 bosses. We need to run a total of 10 times to get the honor of the Cenarion expedition. There are no shortcuts to this dungeon, we have to walk the entire dungeon again to reset it, so the best way to restart it is to change and disconnect the entire team.

64 -66 the Mana Tombs

64-66 We will use this stone in Shatara and then fly to Terokkar Forest. The Horde will find it in the gravel infantry, and the Alliance will find it in the Aurelian defenders. Find the garbage of level 64-66 and the boss of level 66. You need to run 9 times in total to get the honor of the Lower City. There is a shortcut at the end of the dungeon, and we will stay at level 66.

66-68 Sethekk Halls

Players can obtain the Shadow Labyrinth Key in the dungeon of Sethekk Halls and put it in the chest when it ends. Find the level 67-69 garbage and level 69 boss. It takes 8 runs to reach the honor of Lower City, staying until level 68 or even 69.

68-70 Karazhan

Entering Karazhan, we will walk out of the Medivh Tower and talk to Archmage Alturus to complete a series of tasks he gave, starting with Arcane Disturbances and Restless Activity until he sends us again with Khadgar in Shatra. Don't leave and waiting for the task, you will eventually level up 70.

This is the complete guide provided by MMOTBC. It seems easy, but it is not easy to do. But you can also use TBC Classic Gold sold by MMOTBC to help yourself gain powerful strength and ensure the smooth completion of tasks.