​WoW Classic Season of Mastery is coming

Mastering the season brings faster progress and more challenging content. The difficulty of raid encounters will increase, the raid mechanism removed in the early iterations will be restored, and world buffs will be banned. These adjustments are not permanent. When the season of Mastery starts, the existing World of Warcraft Classic Age domain will remain in its current configuration.


The scarcity of loot to master the season is an important part of making the original World of Warcraft challenging, which may prevent you from responding to every new challenge with the level of preparation you did in the World of Warcraft classic.

World Buff

Chronoboon Displacer will appear and play a role in the Mastery Season. When you enter the raid, you will not lose the Buff effect stored in Chronoboon Displacer. However, if you recover them from the displacer in the raid instance, you will lose the Buff effect.

PvP Honor System

To reach level 14 in the original World of Warcraft, it is important to maintain this level of prestige. We must consider how the honor system will work from the moment the Mastery Season starts. This is especially difficult considering how powerful honor equipment is for many professions.