​WOW TBC Classic Hellfire Peninsula Map introduction

Hellfire Peninsula is the first outland area that players reach after crossing the Dark Portal. When the orcs built the Dark Portal to invade Azeroth, it used to be the center of the entire Orc civilization. The Hellfire Citadel in the middle of the map was once the headquarters of the orc tribe, and now this building is a one-piece building. Dungeon group, including three five-person dungeons and a team instance.

Alliance players' base in Hellfire Peninsula is Honor Hold. This is the outpost established by the Alliance Expeditionary Forces who crossed the Black Gate to Outland during World War II to monitor the movement of the Dark Gate. After the Black Gate was closed last time, these Alliance Expeditionary Forces have been trapped in Outland. With the opening of the Burning Crusade, Azeroth's Alliance reinforcements finally arrived, which also prepared the Alliance veterans of Honor Hold. Encouraged.

The base of the tribal players is Salma, and this camp is established by a group of pure orcs-Mag'han. Mag'har orcs have never been tainted with the power of demons. They have maintained the original glory of the orc tribe, and quickly established alliances with tribal players who came here across the Dark Portal.

The goal of this group of Mag'har orcs staying here is to monitor the Hellfire Citadel in the center of the peninsula. Today, this fortress is a factory for the production of evil orcs and an important source of troops for Illidan, the king of Outland.

Long before the plot of TBC began, when Illidan first arrived in Outland, it was the Abyssal Demon named Magtheridon who ruled this wasteland. With the help of Kael'thas and Ms. Vaschi, Illidan defeated Magtheridon and proclaimed himself the king of the new generation of Outland.

Those orcs who had drunk the blood of the devil then became loyal to the new king of Outland. Illidan imprisoned the defeated Magtheridon at the bottom of the Hellfire Citadel and used his blood to continuously produce the evil orcs.

The first stage of the TBC group Matheridon's Lair was the place Illidan used to imprison Magtheridon. This one-boss-only group book continues the design of the Black Dragon Princess in the 60s, but it is a pity that Blizzard rarely uses this Single BOSS group book design in future updates.

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