​WOW TBC Classic: How to enter Tempest Keep

Tempest Keep will appear in the second stage. Before that, we had to pass through Karazhan, Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon's lair to fully enter the 25-person raid. So let us see how to adjust so that you can enter.

Complete the Cipher of Damnation quest chain> Read your email and talk to Khadgar> Complete the Shattered Halls Heroic quest> Complete Steam Vaults and Shadow Labyrinth> Complete Arcatraz> Kill Magtheridon

Step 1: Cipher of Damnation task chain

Cipher of Damnation includes Single player and team content. Starting from the hand of Gul'dan in the Alliance and the hand of Gul'dan in the Horde, you need to complete a fairly long chain of tasks, which may be the longest step in these tasks.

Step 2: Talk to Khadgar and A'dal

After completing the Cipher of Damnation mission chain, you will receive an email from Khadgar asking you to talk to him. Do this, and then go to A'dal for the next phase of the mission.

Step 3: Clear Shattered Halls Heroic

First of all, you need to get Honor Castle's reputation to get the key. You will find him near the blacksmith and kill Smith Gorlunk. He will drop Primed Key Mold and accept the task. Depending on your faction, it will ask you to go to Honor Hold (A) or Thrallmar (H).

Take the follow-up task (Dumphry's Request & Rohok's Request). You'll need to collect 4x Fel Iron Bar, 2x Arcane Dust, and 4x Mote of Fire. Once you do this, hand it over and accept it is hotter than hell.

Form a team and take down the Fel Predators. After killing the Fel Predator, use an unfired key mold on his body and turn it into a burnt key mold. Return it to Dumphry or Rohok and collect your broken hall key.

After completing this operation, you only need to clear Shattered Halls Heroic, and then Step 4 completes Steam Vaults and Shadow Labyrinth and Step5 Arcatraz Heroic. You need to clear Arcatraz Heroic and loot the final boss. To get the hero key, follow the guide on the Step 3.

Step 6: Kill Magtheridon

The last and most difficult step was to defeat Magtheridon. Because Magtheridon is one of the scheming assault leaders to deal with. Players can use WOW TBC Classic Gold to strengthen their skills, which is the most reliable and reliable method. However, he can enter without tuning, so find yourself a group, kill him, and you're done. Now you can enter TK!