WOW TBC Classic Phase 2 will bring huge changes

With the arrival of the Phase Two of TBC Classic, players will also face new challenges. The two new raids in the second phase include the Storm Fortress and the Viper Temple cave. Players must also prepare for the new world content.

The raid will be released to the classic server in its "pre-nerf" status. If you and your guild are still struggling in the first stage of the raid, you will be happy to find that once the second stage starts, its PvE The content will be weakened.

New factions and New open world

Daily missions of two new factions in the new open-world content: Ogri'la and the Sha'tari Skyguard. The latter of these factions will reward players with the iconic Nether Rays mounts that reach the Exalted Reputation level. Nether Rays are the best of the well-made mounts in the Burning Crusade, and they are definitely worthy of earning a reputation in the second stage.

PvP season two added Faction Battlegear

PvP season two will change a lot. Faction Battlegear will be added in the second stage. To obtain the battle armor of the faction, the player must reach at least the respected reputation level of the specific faction. Players use TBC Classic Gold to help themselves effectively. Faction Battlegear also provides a shortcut to equipment for new level 70 players.

In addition, for players participating in Battlegrounds, the queuing system should be updated in the second stage. Blizzard has been testing battlefield matches between members of the same faction to reduce the queue time on classic servers.

Quality of life characteristics

After the second phase starts, the "Looking for Group" tool on the server will have a greater impact on the game. This tool will allow players to recruit other people for dungeons and raid teams, and you will not be able to recruit players playing on other servers to join your team.

In WOW Classic, Blizzard keeps in mind the spirit of the original function, while still working hard to modernize it and make it more optimized than in 2007. In addition, players who purchase WOW TBC Classic Gold, please go directly to: