​WoW TBC Classic Phase Two content release timeline

In the past month or so, after more than a month of testing, Blizzard adjusted TBC's quality of life, including guild banks, team browser tools, and visible arena rankings.

The next content will take about half a month or even longer, and the outer domain will change every week to prepare for the upcoming content.

The following is the release schedule of WoW TBC Classic Phase Two:

Aug. 31: Following weekly maintenance in every region, WoW TBC Classic will officially be on Patch 2.5.2. This will include the implementation of guild banks, a group browser tool, and arena standings (which will be listed near specific arena-related NPCs).

Sept. 7: Arena season one will officially end following the weekly reset. This gives players one week's worth of an “off-season” before season two starts. At this time, season one gear will get a reduction in its price.

Sept. 14: Arena season two will begin following each region's weekly reset.

Sept. 15: All regions will gain access to Phase Two PvE content at the same time, 5pm CT. This includes Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keeps raids as well as Sha’tari Skyguard and Ogri'la reputation-related content.

Sept. 21: On the weekly regional reset, Arena season one awards will go out to players, including titles and Gladiator mounts.

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