​WOW TBC Classic: Unlock the Heroic Auchindoun

Unlocking the Heroic Auchindoun is a very challenging task. First of all, we first understand the origin of the Heroic Auchindoun. Deep in the Auchenai Crypt, there is a huge mausoleum named Auchindoun, a holy place for the Draenei and their burial customs, but it has been occupied by the Shadow Council. The player needs to go to Auchindoun to fight the enemy, and the Heroic Auchindoun can be unlocked after completing the mission.

How to unlock Heroicic Auchindoun

Players who fight against enemies in Auchindoun's four wings will receive a reputation grind. Individuals need to get the honor to unlock all the wings. Once the player reaches the Respect/Respect prestige, that is, after passing the initial prestige, the Auchenai Key can be purchased.

In WoW BCC, seizing the opportunity is very important. Players need to know when and where to post content as early as possible. Once the Auchenai key can be purchased, the player goes to the NPC "Nakodu" located in Shattrath City and obtains the key from the Lower City Quartermaster. It is worth mentioning that all members of the team must have Auchenai Key to enter Auchindoun's Heroic mode.

The Burning Crusade classic is also very interesting in terms of equipping characters. The loot dropped in Heroic mode and arena suppliers are more advanced, which also means you will spend longer on the battlefield. If you want to win as soon as possible, you'd better prepare enough WOW TBC Classic Gold to strengthen your equipment to help yourself.

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