WOW TBC Classic will provide additional rewards for alliance PvPers

Since Blizzard last tested the same faction battlefield in the Burning Crusade classic, it has gained a lot. Between July 20 and July 27, Blizzard will once again use the same faction battlefield and make some adjustments to the previous same faction battlefield test. The maximum group size will be reduced to five, and it will take longer to find a match for the opposing camp. The tasks completed by the alliance players can be repeated. After the victory, a box of loot containing various crafting materials, consumables and currency will be obtained.

The WOW TBC Classic PvP battlefield includes two factions, the tribe and the alliance, but they have always been in a state of factional imbalance. Whether it is overall or when participating in the matching battlefield of the game, the number of tribal players will stand an absolute advantage. The long waiting time makes it difficult for tribe players to obtain PvP items.

The results of the last test found that it was almost the player's instant match search time, but Blizzard also found some other interesting data. Many players participate in a complete prefab set, and when they encounter a player who queues up alone and is not in Discord with their teammates, they almost always lose the game. Alliance players are not particularly happy. Being able to participate more easily in PvP has long been a privilege of being an alliance member, and Blizzard seems to be removing this privilege now.

Blizzard stated that the trend in the past few months is that the alliance's battlefield participation rate is low. A major discussion point is that the faction chosen by most players will see all players turn to it, unless we change the game to reward the minority factions and punish the majority factions. Or prevent players from choosing to play most factions first. Therefore, bonuses will be added, and these new rewards will seek to increase this number.

It is worth mentioning that Blizzard does not want to dramatically change the game, and is more willing to "imitate the design pillars and intentions of the original Burning Crusade game system" and "solve players' concerns in a way that captures the spirit of the original design of the game. Most players may think of it) Such changes will conflict with Blizzard's stated goals, but we want to see what happens when we put the rewards of a few factions into the game.

The changes to the battlefield are currently Blizzard's adjustments to Burning Crusade Classic, but they are not the only adjustment. The game content is also being rolled out in stages, and the changes are still obvious compared to the original expansion. Now the main goal of players is probably to upgrade and obtain new mounts. If you are still worried about these goals, you may wish to enter our homepage for help, click here: