​Find the WOW TBC Classic Gruul's Lair entrance guide

Gruul's Lair is a 25-person raid in the Burning Crusade classic and one of the three raids released in the first phase. Considering that it only has two bosses, Gruul the Dragonkiller and High King Maulgar, it is known for its need for mage tanks. Gruul's Lair is one of the faster raids that TBC must provide.

How to reach the entrance of Gruul's Lair raid in WOW TBC Classic

Gruul's lair is the home of Gruul the Dragonkiller, the Gruul overlord who rules the ogres of Blade's Edge Mountain. So to reach Gruul's lair, players first need to head to Blade's Edge Mountains. Gruul's Lair is located in the northeast corner of the area, so you will need to walk a bit after reaching the area.

The best way to approach Gruul's lair is to fly to Evergrove in Ruuan Weald, and head north after landing. Follow the North Road out of Ruuan Weald and walk to the end. After reaching the end of the trail, turn right into the main canyon in the area. Walkthrough this gorge until you reach the end of it.

In most cases, the trek to Gruul's lair is a harmless and direct journey. However, it does not rule out that you may encounter some enemies along the way. The large cave on the back of the canyon contains the entrance to Gruul's lair raid instance.

The winding roads of Blade's Edge Mountains are difficult to navigate. If you have a flight unlock, you can easily bypass the roads of Blade's Edge Mountains and fly directly to the team entrance at coordinates 67 and 25.

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