​How can I quickly level up and have more fun in TBC Classic?

More and more players choose to go through the Dark Portal and fight demons from Outland. If you also try to upgrade like this, when you start your adventure in the first area of Hellfire Peninsula, you will find that Questing in TBC Classic is more difficult than imagined.

In Hellfire Peninsula, it is not that you can get XP, loot and progress statistics by killing monsters. Players need to compete in the game to attack monsters first to obtain these, and waiting for the monsters to spawn also requires a lot of patience.

Very few players really enjoy the fun of the game, and most of their time is spent waiting for the emergence of new monsters. Instead of this, it is better to explore challenging dungeons. Teaming up with friends can not only kill monsters faster and get XP but also get a lot of experience points and some more efficient and powerful loot.

Hellfire Ramparts is very suitable for players who have just reached LV60. The dungeon is currently very popular and is one of the best places to farming Classic TBC Gold, so you don't need to spend too much time looking for a team.

You only need to repeat the Hellfire Bulwark several times with other members of the team, and you can quickly rise to the first to second level within a few hours. When you reach level 62, you can basically no longer improve. It is recommended to go to the next area-Zangarmarsh.

Players don't have to be entangled in the same place all the time. When the character reaches a certain level, only by changing the area will it make progress. If you want to kill monsters faster and get XP, I recommend you buy Classic TBC Gold from mmotbc.com to help you enjoy the game better.