​How to get WoW TBC Classic Deep Thunder

WOW TBC Classic has been released for a while, and players are becoming more and more familiar with the environment of Outland. During this time, many players have been trying new challenges from Lv60, acquiring equipment, and upgrading levels. Everything is full of familiarity and familiarity. The feeling of novelty. What MMOTBC will mention today is a kind of weaponry-Deep Thunder.

WoW TBC Classic Deep Thunder

Deep Thunder has appeared and is highly sought after by players, and some players may not know how to obtain it. What we must understand is that the blacksmith is the only person in the game who can make this two-handed hammer.

A blacksmith must reach level 375 and possess three components to obtain this weapon. The first is the weapon, Thunder, which can be crafted with 20 primitive air and water, 6 hardened Adamantite ingots and 12 Krypton ingots.

After making Thunder, they will need eight primitive voids and ten primitive mana. This weapon is one of the best weapons in warrior and paladin games. It has the opportunity to stun the target for four seconds when hitting the target. This is a weapon that any of these professions will use.

If they are an alliance, blacksmiths can obtain patterns from various weaponsmith trainers in Orgrimmar. Or, you can find Radu Grimblade, the Weaponsmith Trainer in Shattrath City.

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