​How to repair Horde & Alliance Imbalance in WoW TBC Classic

In most World of Warcraft servers, especially in the classic PvP servers of the Burning Crusade, the Horde is the dominant faction in absolute numbers. Because many players believe that the various racial abilities of the tribe are far superior to the alliance, the tribe has long enjoyed the reputation of the PvP faction.

With the introduction of the arena in Burning Crusade, the racial abilities of the undead, the will of the forsaken, the arcane torrent of blood elves, and the tenacity of the orcs are huge for PvP. Players with PvP awareness are looking for every advantage. The alliance has almost no ability to directly compete. Therefore, many players have chosen the tribe.

In the Classic WOW TBC server, the number of tribal players is much larger than that of the alliance, which leads to a longer queue time in the tribal battlefield than the alliance. Players mainly use the battlefield to earn honor points and purchase entry-level PvP equipment, but since the battlefield is almost impossible to enter, tribal players either give up or try to gain honor points in the open world. This has caused more players to choose tribes for PvP in Burning Crusade, but it turns out that it is more difficult to participate in PvP.

Allow tribal teams to fight with other tribal players on the battlefield. If the company wants, Blizzard can solve this problem in this way. This has become possible in the arena, and the "employment mode" system has been implemented in the King of Draenor expansion as a means to allow players to join hostile factions on the battlefield. This will be the most straightforward solution, and it seems to have received strong community support.

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